Dolomite crushing production line

Dolomite, hardness 3.5-4, specific gravity 2.85-2.9, widely distributed in nature.Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, there are iron dolomite and manganese dolomite.Dolomite is generally grayish white in color and similar in appearance to limestone.Dolomite is generally referred to as the calcite content of less than 5% of the more pure dolomite.
Dolomite crushing production line equipment is relatively simple, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor and so on.

1. Jaw crusher: The function of this equipment is to complete the preliminary rough processing of the dolomite mine, which uses the mutual extrusion and splitting action between the movable and fixed jaw plates to achieve the coarse crushing of the stone.
Jaw Crusher
2. Impact crusher: This equipment is used for medium and fine crushing and shaping of coarsely crushed dolomite particles after jaw crushing. The crushed stone has a beautiful grain shape, uniform texture, less impurities and reasonable gradation.
 Impact Crusher
3. Vibrating feeder: The function of this equipment is to feed the dolomite materials into the crusher uniformly and quantitatively. It has stable vibration, low noise, low power consumption, reliable operation and long life. It is an ideal feeder. Device Selection.
4. Circular vibrating sieve: The broken dolomite material should undergo reasonable sieving treatment, and a circular vibrating sieve is needed here.
5. Belt conveyor: This equipment is equivalent to the connecting part of the entire production line, which is used to complete the stone conveying operation.

3. Flow of Dolomite Crushing Production Line

The process of the dolomite crushing production line generally undergoes two stages of coarse crushing and medium fine crushing. The specific process steps are as follows:
1. Coarse crushing: The large pieces of dolomite material after blasting and mining are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for preliminary crushing and processing, and then rationally sieved by the circular vibrating screen, and the unqualified stones are sent back to the jaw to be broken again broken;

2. Medium and fine crushing: Dolomite crushed materials that have passed the screening are fed into the impact crusher quantitatively and orderly by the belt conveyor. They are also sieved by the vibrating screen, and the oversized stone materials return to the counterattack The crushing will continue to break, and the stone materials that meet the conditions will be transported to the finished material area.

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