Calcite crushing production line

Application equipment: PE800 * 1060 jaw crusher, three i1010 impact crushers, one i1313 impact crusher, two 3yk1860 vibrating screens, vibration feeder, belt conveyor, silo, and supporting motor and other equipment.
Case information: this line is a product of our company exported to the Middle East. The whole line uses gravity feeding, jaw crusher for primary crushing and impact crusher for fine crushing. Among them, there are two counter breaking jaw crushers and one fixed feeding and returning material. The unique creativity ensures the high efficiency and qualified rate of stone production

Production process
After mining, the calcite stone enters the silo, passes through the vibrating feeder first, and then it is conveyed to the heavy hammer crusher of our company for the first crushing, and then the heavy hammer crusher for secondary crushing, and then the vibrating screen is used for screening treatment and continuous circulation, so as to complete the crushing of calcite.

Fast phase
In the coarse crushing section, large pieces of calcite materials are sent to the heavy hammer crusher for primary crushing, and the discharge materials are sent to the secondary crushing by the conveyor belt.

The second stage

In the fine crushing section, the materials after primary crushing are sent to the secondary hammer crusher for crushing treatment, and the calcite is processed into the aggregate meeting the size requirements of the finished product.

The third stage

Screen segment, round vibrating screen will screen the materials, unqualified materials returned to hammer crusher for re processing.

The fourth stage

The finished products are transported to the finished products area for storage.

Calcite is a kind of calcium carbonate mineral, which is widely distributed in nature. It is a very common stone in natural calcium carbonate. The crystal shapes of calcite are various. The aggregate of calcite can be a cluster of crystals, or granular, blocky, fibrous, stalactite, earthy and so on. Many square fragments can be obtained by knocking calcite, so it is called calcite. Calcite is colorless or white, and sometimes it is dyed light yellow, light red, purple and brown black by Fe, Mn, Cu and other elements. After processing, calcite is widely used in plastics, coatings, rubber, paper, binder, sealant and other industrial fields.

Introduction of equipment crusher

Hammer crusher

The hammer crusher of DM adopts excellent accessories and wear-resistant parts. The hammer head made of chromium alloy is the current technology and wear-resistant metal parts. The whole machine has the advantages of large crushing ratio and high production efficiency. It is a low energy consumption and low investment equipment. The equipment can be used to crush calcite. Because the crushing of calcite materials has high requirements for crushers, the heavy hammer crusher produced by our company can meet the crushing requirements of calcite, achieve uniform finished products and large output, and bring you good economic benefits.

Detailed explanation of calcite processing process

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